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Google changes its Search Engine Algorithm. And it’s a Big One this Time

Google’s search engine algorithm, the powerful search formula that the company uses to parse, interpret and fetch results for billions of searches every day, isn’t a perfect formula. I isn’t the Coca-Cola recipe that it should be kept unchanged under lock and key. Rajesh from the leading SEO provider in Jaipur explains more.
The Internet is a dynamic entity full of the most bewildering kinds of changes. And Google’s search engine algorithm needs to keep up with it. One of their most bothersome problems of search has been the question of how to deal with websites on the Internet that publish millions of meaningless articles. They are called content farms. Search for just about any kind of topic, and you’re likely to get at least a couple of results from a content farm or two. These just happen to annoy many Internet users no end.
Content farms are places that everyday people write articles on. Authors pick up top keyword phrases used on the search engines, and write articles around those; frequently, the articles are just containers for the keyword phrases. The articles themselves provide little valuable information. Search for “losing weight” for instance, and you’re likely to come by quite a few spammy articles from content farms to do with Acai berry use; all the while, really useful health-related webpages from the likes of MSN or are likely to get pushed down. Google has been trying to tweak its search engine algorithm to try to deal with this to try to give legitimate websites a chance – ones that don’t try to take advantage of Google’s weakness for repeated use of keyword phrases the way the content farms do.
Google’s search engine algorithm typically sees about two tweaks every day. This current one that targets the content farms, affects about 12% of all queries that Google gets. It happens to be pretty big one. Some content farms, like Yahoo’s Associated Content, actually have quite a bit of useful information. EHow and other Demand Media websites actually see some kind of syndication in major publications like USA Today. There are some content farms though that put out plenty of purely useless information. These are the kinds of sites that the new Google tweak tries to target. These are the ones that try to grab your attention on Google but trying to offer you really obvious information. For instance, if you search for tips on how to save on a used car purchase, you would probably get some pretty low hanging fruit that tells you to buy from a reputed dealer or from a relative.
The thing is though, that what they’ve announced to be a tweak to the search engine algorithm is probably just a filter. Website owners who are out to make a quick profit can often spam Google’s results with low-quality websites that are purpose-built to snag people searching for a certain keyword phrase. If you search for “weight-loss diets” for instance, you’ll probably get a website in the top 10 called “” or something like it. Go in, and you’ll find nothing but a bunch of advertisements for you to click on. Why doesn’t Google take care of these before it takes care of the content farms? It is likely that Google, since it profits from the advertising these websites bring in, doesn’t really wants to do anything about them. Google wants to pick at the easy targets too, and get a lot of PR credit for trying to clean up its search results.