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Harddisk not showing up

My Seagate Backup Plus portable hard disk has not been running for six months. It changed into inside the center of a document switch on my Mac when the computer shut down and because isn’t always identified on my pc or Mac , however the light nevertheless is going on and the disk is spinning in the HD. what’s the envisioned cost of restore/restoration, if viable? Please e mail returned as i am transferring to the United Kingdom in one month. Now the disk isn’t showing up and I need the data back

i’ve a 2TB iomega domestic media community hard drive ‘cloud version’ which has stopped working with a crimson light permanently on the front. it’s now not making any uncommon sounds from the difficult force. Are you familiar with the device or problem? Can the facts be retrieved?

I want to restore the square database MDF report and delete have sq. fragment detection software program, and that i scan it and ship it to you. It’s not showing up anymore. Failed Raid 0 (striped) 4tb G-force. power does now not mount or spin up.

Defective power, starts to work however wont examine the hard drive in any respect. 500Gb Lacie external harddisk. whilst connected it makes a noise (nearly like a beep) like the disk starts offevolved spinning and stops, and once more. i’ve tried connecting it to various laptops and no of them could understand it. I would really like to recover a few private photographs (no need to do the entire disk), but can’t get anything as nothing is showing up.