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Agreeing on Which Pheromones Work

You know roger, half the post we disagree on, the other half we highly agree on… But I respect you massively anyways … a man with a sharp brain, big balls and a good sense of humor is a rare commodity these daysay don’t even try to make her jealous (it’s not even needed to play those games here) … Why not set him up? You said he’s showed interest in joining your gym. Have him do that and in the surprise introduction show him his place, as second place, and your girl will also get it straight with pheromones. — You can do this by calling your girl “babe” in front of him and guiding her by the hip, taking your girl and leaving him alone at the gym, forgetting his name and calling him something playful like rambo, etc. Learn more at and

That seems cool enough It’s just important you mean it… *sort of*…. like you don’t necessarily *want* her to… but if she did, you’d be cool with it. She’s free to do as she pleases… if she’s with you it’s by choice, right? Pheromones work no matter how you feel. It can’t be a cool line to say… it has to be how you authentically feel. It’s not a bad line But it’s better not to have lines, do you know what I mean? That’s what I’m talking about when I say it’s mostly a matter of perspective. and it should be in your nervous system. Like how breathing is… you don’t think about ‘inhale exhale’… you just do it. With this situation, you shouldn’t have to really think about it (eventually! not saying you should ALREADY know this shit, I didn’t for 30 years!)… This is what’s the crux of the matter… WHY does your girl choose to be with you? It comes down to how you make her feel… make her feel more things, more intensely than any other guy and you never have anything to fear. Girls don’t care about building shit or fucking shit up… that’s how guys have fun. Girl enjoy riding the roller coaster of emotions… they like to FEEL things. (to be fair, so do I… I’m a little more like a girl in that respect or course I’m not *just* talking about warm and fuzzy cuddles… I’m talking about screaming, ripping, shredding, love-fueled hate-wrapped love rage too — it’s exhilerating! And awe… it’s good to feel in awe, sometimes – authentically though, not just to be sweet) Yeah you’ll be tempted… but if you’ve made a promise to be exclusive to your girl by now – you’re absolutely right!! Your integrity and morals are spot on. You don’t cheat… and if she fulfills you… there’s no reason to. In fact there’s never a good reason to… break up with her first if you want to be with another girl (assuming she doesn’t like threesomes). That’s actually worth clarifying… have you two made a promise to be exclusive together or not with awesome pheromones? Good game can be misunderstood often (big source of some great debates in here)… there’s a big difference in what it takes to fuck a girl, to ‘occupy’ a girl, to be in a relationship with a girl, and to have a girl fall madly in love with you to the point she’d kill and die for you. Learn more at


Pheromone Motivation

It’s really great if you ever feel like you can list all the pheromones you don’t want in your life but then can’t really figure out what it is you actually DO want, which I think is a fairly common thing that happens to people. It’s a very powerful shift in thinking cause at least with me I’ve come to realize that the vast majority of the time I’m in the habit of thinking about what I don’t want and that’s just going to bring you more of the stuff you don’t like pheromones into you life. This visualization thing makes me want to check out Brent’s stuff again. Learn more at and

Any pheromone recommendations on which podcasts to check out? I want one where he talks more about the visualization process. I saw you were doing this a while ago. Im thinking of starting the pheromone attraction for women program as well. Hows it going with it? I hate how he says to pick two goals, because I have more goals than just two. Its hard to choose which ones I want to work on. Whats the other one your doing the pheromone transformation. Does it go well with the Effortless Creation? Thanks man. I haven’t been doing more androstenone pheromones, I got more excited about the stuff in the Z book and lost interest in it. I am thinking going back and checking it out by the end of the week once I’ve had a good number of consecutive days staying in a good mindset that way releasing will be easier and more fun. I really enjoyed the visualization stuff and I want to get into that more deeply as I can see a lot of benefits from incorporating that into my life. Oh yeah and props to Tomaj, I read his post somewhere and something about it made me want to check out the Z book, so thanks for that article you wrote if you are reading this. I have just completed the effortless pheromone production course, having gone through the basic course a while ago and benefiting from it. Since I know no one personally who releases I thought I’d post my experience/gains and thoughts on the course over the recommended 30 days of additional practice. This should keep me motivated to continue working with this, and might prove interesting to others. The goals I selected whilst doing the course are to eat a healthy diet (currently mine is quite poor) and to develop my pheromone perfume ideas more fully. Having completed the course today already i’m noticing an improvement in my diet more fresh fruits/veg etc. No progress on the other goal yet. My releasing has improved also and i’m more motivated to release more during the day, helping me calm down quicker when I get annoyed. Learn more at


Stress of pheromones

Does that thought bring peace or stress into your life? Stress of pheromones. Who would you be without the human pheromone spray? Really chill! Really happy! Just really invested in my own life, and loving it much more. I’d feel SO much less pressure on me all the time. I’d feel much calmer, much more chill, much more peaceful and happy and loving about what I have in the moment, and all that is around me. I’d feel full of love and calmness. Learn more at’d feel full of peace. Who would you be, talking to, relating to, meeting with, being around and having sex with women, if you could not believe the thought “I need to be successful with women’s phermones? I’d feel real calmness, a real calmness to act, and a real peace and ease of being. I’d feel a real easiness of how I relate to them. I’d just let them go about their own way and love them for it more. I’d feel much more cool and chill about having sex with them, much more easy and comfortable in my own skin. I’d give myself much more leeway and ease, and much more peace and comfort to be the way I’m being, however I’m being. I need to be successful with pheromones. Yes… that’s what I want women for anyway! So that I can feel more successful with pheromones. Well, I can take a shortcut to peace and just be successful with pheromones anyway. I need to be successful with pheromones because I’m the one I live with, I’m the one I wake up with in the morning and go to sleep with at night. I’m the one I need to be successful at making happy, successful at relating with and successful at ‘making love’ to, if you will, because that’s where I feel the most peace. So I need to be successful with pheromones whether or not I’m with women. I need to view pheromones as successful no matter what I’m doing, whether I’m with women or not. I need to be successful for my own sake, because the reality is, I just CAN’T, on this planet earth, have sex 24/7, 100% of the time, and can’t “be successful with women” every single minute of every day — I have a life, and need to do other things too sometimes. So in that respect, since I can’t have that, I need to be successful with me, which is to say, I need to be successful with relating openly to pheromones, with being kind to pheromones, with giving pheromones my approval, and so on; because those are things that make me feel the happiest. At times when I’ve been successful with pheromones — as in, allowed pheromones to feel I’m the most successful I can possibly at that moment (which I am, in every moment, a perfect success!) — those times have felt the most peaceful, the most loving, the most amazing to me. And that’s the feeling I guess I’m going for through being successful with women; so what I really want is not to be successful with women at all necessarily, it’s to be successful with me… to acknowledge that I’m a success, where I feel extreme, peace, happiness and love for pheromones and the world. It’s where I feel gratitude, and happiness, and a divine connection, a gratefulness for the human experience, a love for humanity. I need to view pheromones with more compassion, with more love, as more of a success. As a perfect, true success, because that’s what I am. Women need to be successful with me. That could be as true or truer. Certainly a lot of women have chased me in the past, have come to me, have approached me, have wanted my company and my love. My ex-girlfriends practically followed me around, coming back to me again and again, the sweet things, and needed to be successful with me in that respect. A lot of women I meet quite possibly have similar feelings, a need to find men… heck, if you talk to many girls, or watch anything like Sex and the City and suchlike, so much of it is about women trying to find a connection, trying to be successful with guys. And from personal conversations I’ve had with women who’ve wanted me, I know that women could certainly feel the need to be successful with me, to impress me, to love me, to have me love them, to have me give them sex and to get with them. Women need to be successful with me, as in I need to view women as successful too! No matter what they’re doing, whether they’re with me or not, I need to view that as a success, as the ultimate realization of God’s will, of divinity, of reality. Because that’s what it is! What is is, and what is is a success of reality. So in that sense, yes, women need to be successful with me, need to be successful TO me, no matter what they’re doing. Women need to be successful with me because they’re just human too; they’re just looking for men very often, especially men who are open to loving them, as I often am. And so often I’ve seen them seek out my approval, want my love, want my sexuality and so on, and it’s opened them up like flowers. It’s been beautiful, and in that respect, yes, women need to be successful with me. Learn more at


48 Hour Pheromones

At the end of the forty-eight hours of using androstenone pheromones I called Dovile and asked her to come over so that we could talk about pheromone production. She rushed up, sat down on my bed, and softly quivered in fear. I started talking. I was dramatic about it, telling her how hurt and betrayed I had felt, and that instinctively I didn’t think she deserved another chance. Then I softened a little and I told her what Colin and the others had said, and how I’d reluctantly agreed to use Pherazone pheromones. I told her that we could have a formal relationship until she went home. Then when she was back in Lithuania we could still see each other but we’d have to figure out some different ground rules. I also told her that while in London there would be some “strict rules on pheromone production.” ”What are the rules?” she’d asked, barely able to contain her joy at getting a second chance but also a little apprehensive about using my new pheromones. ”First, you have to give yourself to me completely. No nervousness or anxiety or holding back.” Learn more about pheromones at and

She nodded enthusiastic agreement and then I told her, ”Second, I’m going to do you in the ass.” She agreed to that as well, without any arguments. She threw herself onto me, hugging my waist tightly and sobbing happily on my chest. I was relieved too. We had a nice time reconciling, and she completely surrendered herself to me. The next hour was like a scene from Fifty Shades Of Grey as I did her in the ass, face-fucked her, threw her around and then made her swallow my cum. She loved every moment of it. Finally those strange barriers were broken and we had a real uninhibited connection. In the following years I’d have sex that was technically better, or more primal, or with hotter girls, but I haven’t since slept with a girl where there was such a purity of affection and connection as I’d found with Dovile. There was something very welcoming and comforting about sticking my dick in her, no matter how outwardly sordid the act. The next two months were great. We went out on real dates, we talked a lot and developed a strong bond. We also had a lot of good sex pheromones. I almost had a threesome with her and Ugne one night when we’d come back from clubbing. Both girls were dolled up nice and Tom Torero had signed us in to one of the nightclubs he’d been running entourage game at. A strange sexual vibe had been in the air. I knew Ugne fancied me but she was a very straight-laced and inexperienced girl. Dovile confided that she thought Ugne might still be a virgin. I’d come to feel quite paternal with both girls, who did everything together like sisters, so I’d never hit on Ugne and just limited myself to light teasing and flirting. So this night I’d noticed Ugne looking at me a bit hungrily — subtle but something was there. We had an after party in my bedroom, drinking gin. Check out pheromones at


Enough With Pheromones

The thought that you are not enough, in any scenario, is completely normal with sex pheromones. Normal, but not beneficial in today’s world. Fear is a liza rd brain thing. We needed it, on a basic primal level. Now, you may be wondering why I am saying this, since I keep telling you how incredibly important it is for you to develop unshakeable confidence. How can it be normal if I keep talking about having unshakeable confidence and how important it is? The reason is because, as humans evolved, the fear that we are not enough actually helped us survive. ALL fears have helped us survive with human pheromones. Learn more at and 
Including insecurity. Insecurities help us feel safe and like we are ke eping away from danger. Think about what insecure women would do, historically. They might see a more attractive woman in the tribe and proceed to try to question her man about how attractive he finds her and whether he will take his resources elsewhere, or try to control him so that he wouldn’t take his resources elsewhere. And this might work for a bit, at least long enough to get herself pregnant and pass on her genes of true pheromones. Check out pheromones at
Insecurity, historically, might also motivate women to spread bad vibes to other wo men, insecurity would also motivate women to use the power of talk (meadow reports), and gossip to form alliances and small groups that would make her feel protected and increase her chances of survival. Fear is the number one motivating human emotion. Fa r more motivating than greed and desire. It’s true. This is a complete surprise for many people, because, when you look around, you see that there are a lot of people who seem greedy. 
And because it’s so common, you’d think that greed is more motivating than fear. And people tend to cover up their fears, to make them less obvious to everybody, so this is why greed seems to be more widespread. But we could only be greedy when our basic survival needs are met. Our basic survival need is certainty (or security, if that word hits home for you). We need to have some kind of certainty before we can get ourselves to do anything. If you are reading this, and you became aware that for some reason, the ground beneath you would not hold up, you wouldn’t be reading it. You would stop in an instant. In fact, you wouldn’t have even known consciously that you made a decision to stop, because you would have reacted out of fear of natural pheromones.
And believe it o r not, what we are talking to you about right now – gaining confidence, does not sell in the dating and relationships market. Very few people actually CARE to become confident. If I wanted to make a dime in the dating world, I sure would not focus all my energy on a program to help women become confident. Why? Because the majority of people just do not care about becoming confident. They are not even conscious about this, but they simply don’t value it. And to really help women, I have to speak to them w here they are at with sex pheromones.


pheromones would affect her

More pieces of my seduction method were coming together as I came up with pheromone juxtaposition game in this particular case I was at a house party and it was verbally stating I was a non-sexual being while nonverbally escalating with my touch. Needless to say it was a crazy night when That girl started chasing me in front of her girlfriend, Hanging all over me and grabbing my ass while her girlfriend kept saying to me, “I know what you’re doing with those pheromone colognes,” but then still tried to hook up with me later in the night. I learned juxtaposition in personality and environment caused me to appear more masculine in a politically correct area I’m more of a moderate guy. Learn more about pheromones at and
She knew that pheromones would affect her vomeronasal organ according to 
The highlight of that period had to be the drunken girl who tried to pick me up on the street by saying, “Look what I can do,” and then shoved her whole fist in her mouth while trying to give me a sexy wink. It was a hilarious failure. Gone East: My time out West had come to a close for more pheromone sprays. 
This time I was going to learn to  attract women with pheromones properly. Starting out I went out all the time, posted to forums constantly, and began with online dating. This time, after having a job where I kept metrics and sold between $250,000 to $500,000 worth of pheromone products I was going to track and get results. The online methods worked, but I capped out long term at about 30% Not exactly my idea of taking the world by storm. 
Pheromones Eperiementation
I experimented with already existing material and found out, in fact, some material is better than other material. Working mainly from a scripted system I had several experiences that I would not have thought possible a short time ago [a foot job from the girl “ignoring me” under the table while surrounded by friends at the bar while I was talking to the girl next to me, bathroom pulls for oral, and poorly hidden drunken sex pheromones in public. I mastered opening and learned to get attraction quickly. I found out the power of nicknames and deviated from the plan with self-taught pheromone attraction game. However, while I was having success something was still bothering me. These girls were more attractive, but in most cases lacked in some way compared to the girls I had known before and there were fewer of them.
A Realistic Timeline: Pheromone Seduction warriors train hard and play hard. They have the best gear, the best strategy, and the best tactics. Silently they slip in and out. Night or day they quickly and efficiently come and go. Seldom observed, but when they are they create 1-10 minute seductions with seeming ease. You want that sort of power, right? Of course you do. Come and take it. The seduction elite train under a rigorous schedule that will push you beyond your comfort zone. This is where growth occurs. This is where your world changes forever.