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Really far and if recommended !! Sumaho corresponding baby monitors secuOn network Baby Monitor NC003

Thank you.
Born son in March isitukizora became a handsome dad. (Over `д over ‘) Kiritsu

Early anymore seven months have passed with what.
Really fast Naa ‥. (Heartily)

the evening but we have laid in a crib in the bedroom, and the like,
such as “Do not Kettobashi a futon” or “Do not rampage and awake”, you
are sleeping children there is also worry of personality appearance was quite crazy worrisome.

So, to purchase a baby monitor that well become a hot topic recently.
a result of variously comparison, our house is to be able to see how
the smartphone was purchased, moreover night vision function with
(waiting dark room in even ultra-clean image can be seen any) of the
Baby Monitor – best baby video lcd monitor under 200 “secuOn network baby monitors NC003” It is. This is even though away at it you can see the state of the baby bed and the room.

The first place Why was the smartphone support

Okay. The first place I’m such a place Tteyuu why was the smartphone support, but there are two as the reason.

    I want to browse at the same time from a plurality of terminals
    I want to view, regardless of the distance

When’s product with a monitor, it will no longer only be seen from the monitor. In my home, I want to ensure each bride and I seen, I chose the smartphone correspondence and partly because. And since it is also seen from the Internet over to the bonus you will
be able to see from the iPad the home of the parents have.
Of course, such as during their overtime, one even decisive factor to
be able to cultivate the excellent talent to look at the state of the
house of the children in the camera!

In addition, although it is the second reason.
When’s wireless type of baby monitor, does not reach the radio waves,
such as by distance to the room from the house structure and the room,
comes out the possibility that it is assumed can not be or can be found
in the monitor.
When it comes to the little house of size (such as in particular
detached house), and installing the Kamera for example, on the second
floor of the back of the room, also reviews Nante … that was not seen
in the first floor of the living room on a monitor.

Therefore, if the network-enabled baby monitor such as this “secuOn
network Baby Monitor”, network, that is, you can see the camera image of
the no matter where if a place that you can use the wireless LAN or a
wired LAN.

This pretty important!

good Toko of secuOn network baby monitors!

Honest, either is a good product that enters in Bucchigiri the top
three of the really was good baby goods to buy, it would be something
like the following if it and raise the place that seems to be Naa was
dare good.

    It is possible to see how immediately at hand of the smartphone even if away from the bed.
    Since the smartphone and tablet can be registered as many units such as “Papa + mama + Jiiji” each of which is freely seen.
    Also beautiful image quality than I thought. Wi-Fi (wireless LAN) in use reflected on the beautiful.
    Because it is night vision mode type that is also seen in a room of total darkness it can be used both day and night.
    The video is extremely clear in night vision mode. Firmly look to stomach of movement from the sleeper’s breathing face and breathing.

In particular, the image quality is almost impeccable.
Video in a bright location is shown in the figure below.

Unfortunately Toko of secuOn network baby monitors!

There was also seemed Naa’s a little sorry to try using. It though is not so much.

    input and output of the sound across the audio or send a voice or hear Shoboshobo. It does not lead to the most practical.
    Representation of the color tone is poor. Part of the dark color is displayed in purple. Overall screen is also purple.

Careful after purchase: hardens the video of the iPhone app

Although you need to install the iPhone app to see the video of the monitor. There is a bug that the Japanese version of “e-View7” s and locks up the video After continuous playback about 5 minutes. (At the time of publication)
As a countermeasure, the menu will become in English but resolved when you install the “e-View” in the English version.

Thing is better that had been purchased in conjunction

This is the camera just can not be placed only on flat place, a place
to put in as soon as the position of the crib will be or gone away.
So is the tripod better the good which has been purchased to suit. In particular, I recommend the JOBY camera fixture gorilla pod.