SCORE Hollywood wants you to succeed in your business, small, medium or large.

Chances are, are are an entrepreneur with a great idea. And great ideas deserve to be developed as a benefit to society. But the problem most entrepreneurs face is that while their idea is great, their knowledge of how to run a business are not. And running a business is how to develop an idea.

A great idea can be technical or artistic. But either way, both kinds of ideas have no relationship to the skills needed to run a business. In other words, programming skills and painting skills do not bring in the money. The skills create the product or service but that does not mean people will want to buy it.

Business skills are what creates customers and keeps the business going. Marketing, accounting, sourcing and legal compliance are but a few of the skills that are needed to run the business. Do you have employees? Managing people is a very difficult task and few do it well. Chances are, you had a manager and your manager was not so good. In fact, most of your managers were not so good. You could count all of the good managers you had and still have four fingers left over.

So the entrepreneur needs help. SCORE is that resource. SCORE is an organization of business professionals who donate their business skills to help you for free. From writing a business plan, to getting the legalities sorted out to marketing. You have a department of free consultants available.

These are industry-hardened veterans who have been through this, both personally and helping others. So your problems are rarely unique – they have seen this before and can give you the right answers, the answers that helped previous entrepreneurs.

SCORE used to be composed of retired professionals but now it includes anyone who wants to help, so the volunteers are actively engaged in their work while they help you. SCORE chapters are located around the country and there is probably one close to you.

If you are not close enough to a SCORE chapter, chances are you can do meet online with a SCORE counselor. Connect by phone or video from the comfort of your own home. There is always someone available to help you out.

Just call to register your information. SCORE tracks everyone they help and the number of hours you accumulate in assistance. The more SCORE helps you to succeed, the better the SCORE chapter looks.

SCORE is always looking for volunteers so if you would like to help people out with their business, contact your local SCORE chapter.

Chapters can be large or small, just starting out or been around forever. But the people who volunteer for them are all experts and veterans, ready to help. Perhaps you can be one of them.

You will have regular meetings with the other counselors and perhaps you can run the chapter.  You will take phone calls, set up appointments and help the chapter help entrepreneurs.

With SCORE, you can take pride in other people’s accomplishments, accomplishments you helped to bring about.